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Agent Valkyrie

Agent Valkyrie introduction

Did you know that piracy conducts not only from ships in rough seas? They also conduct from aircraft and airships – and this is where we are about to head today. But there are, as always, good pirates and bad pirates, and we will join the fight with Agent Valkyrie. She is a blonde wonder pirate, fighting against the evil and heisting criminal pirates. Will you help her beat the bad? Well, you better be!

We are proud to present; Agent Valkyrie Video Slot by the brilliant, 2 By 2 Gaming!

Agent Valkyrie features

The game is a truly fascinating one, one where we can see things of airships and piracy all over the place. The lower valued symbols are represented by the classic card deck letters, being 10, Jacks, Queen, King and Ace. The higher valued symbols then represent the actual theme better, with symbols of a scarf, the treasure´s map, and the three pirate criminals – Howard the filthy pirate, Hilda the evil female pirate, as well as Sir Moosehead (the criminal boss). These symbols are all quite valuable but note that this, of course, depends solely on the size of your bet. 

Apart from the basic symbols of the game, there are also a few extra special symbols to keep a lookout for while spinning the reels. The Bonus Scatter Symbol and the Wild can both award you well in this game – and we will reveal all about these (and more) below!

Agent Valkyrie free spins and bonuses

One of the features is the base game feature, which is triggered by a gold coin. Any coin symbol appearing will be collected on top of the respective reels, and whenever 3 coins are collected on top of any reel, the player is awarded a Re-spin and a feature of the following; 

  • 3 coins on top of reel 2 awards Wild Reels
  • 3 coins on top of reel 3 awards Flying Wilds
  • 3 coins on top of reel 4 awards Capture Criminals

The base game feature will be triggered when all three coins are collected on the same bet. Coins collected on top of the reels are all linked to the respective bet on the spin which they appeared on. These coins can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. 

Wild Reels: this means that any 1 or 2 reels can turn completely Wild

Flying Wilds: the Wild Symbol will land on random positions on the reels, turning them into Wilds. 

Capture Criminals: any criminal symbol available on reels will be marked as “Captured”, turning them into Wild Symbols. The criminals that can be captured are the ones we told of in the basic symbols. 

Free Spins Feature: when 3, 4, or 5 Scatters appears anywhere on the reels, you are awarded either 7, 11 or 15 Free Spins. The mission of this offers two options of which the player can choose from: 

Accept awarded mission or Create own mission. 

Only 1 Scatter can appear on each spin during either mission above. Each Scatter will award an extra Free Spins. These are the two missions; 

Accept awarded missions: you are awarded one of the Wild Reels, Flying Wilds or Captured Criminals randomly on each Free Spins. 

Create own mission; you are shown 3 features, Wild Reels, Flying Wilds, and Capture Criminals with a meter for each. You can then distribute the awarded number of Free Spins among the three features in any way.

So, as you can see – there are quite a few features offered – all for you sake!

Agent Valkyrie graphics and music

Agent Valkyrie is a Video Slot with stunning visuals, and 2 By 2 Gaming has surely done an impressive job with this game. Details are stunning, with cogwheels made as frames to the reels, which leaves a cool impression to the overall layout of the game. The background in the reels are made bone-white, and this makes all the symbols pop out even more. 

About 2 By 2 Gaming

2 By 2 Gaming is a fairly new company – but their immense experience amongst the people working there is astounding. 125 years of experience to be more specific, so they are well aware of everything going on in the gaming business, and they know what is needed to satisfy clients and operators. 

The company is based in Chicago and the surrounding areas. They mainly focus on developing the most innovative slots possible and deliver them to as many platforms and operators as possible. At the moment the company has over 65 issued patents and 35 in the works, securing their innovation for years to come hopefully. 

Something unique about 2 By 2 Gaming is the fact that they have developed their own custom-made mathematical models to try and appeal to the wider crowd of casino lovers, striving to offer the most enjoyable gaming experience in the world and keep players coming back to their games.

But 2 By 2 Gaming does more than just classic casino games, they have successfully developed games for different platforms such as free-to-play social gaming markets and traditional land-based casino markets. This way makes sure to increase the number of players that they can be in touch with, no matter what preferences they might have. They offer something for everyone.