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Castle Builder 2

Castle Builder Introduction

Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle? If so, you will be gladly surprised when you step into Castle Builder II Video Slot – as you will get the opportunity to build your very own dream castle. Castle Builder Video Slot is a fun game with a unique theme and intense gameplay. proudly presents Castle Builder II, the sequence to Castle Builder – these from Rabcat!

In this fantasy world, you will experience not only one, but multiple fantasy worlds. Along with winnings, you will have the chance to build some tasteful fashionable castles, and if you are profitable and choose to play with real money – you can put your wins aside to save up for your dream castle! Keep reading to find out how the royalties on the reels of Castle Builder II Video Slot can help you on your way to the dream. 

Castle Builder II Features

As soon as you have entered Castle Builder II Video Slot, you will see a unique and different layout of games, with various worlds. The game field is placed on the right side of the screen, and in which way, we can take part in the castles to the left smoothly. The base game symbols are the house facade building materials; bricks, wood and stone panels, marble, and more. Royalties and princesses, builders, masons, and knights, are all more symbols that will appear on the reels. Apart from this, their materials will also be available. And who wouldn’t want to land on the gold bullion of the castle king?

In Castle Builder II, you will be in multiple places - by landing winning combinations you will be shipped around and help the various royal families to complete their renovation projects. There are three worlds that all are in green with a lot of nature and wooden material. Up among the Alps, you can come and test the dangerously built funicular that goes between the mountains and the majestic castle. Or why not make a visit to the sultans´ palace out in the deserts? Here you can see sand for as far as the eye can see. If you thought that your renovation projects would be of classical old castles, then you thought wrong. One of the castles is a true invention piece, and a big-time professor lives in there. Other castles are inspired by science fiction and ghosts. Which and/or which castles you will be visiting, they all promises grand Features and Bonuses – this along with an amazing and thrilling gameplay. 

Castle Builder II Free Spins and Bonuses

The gameplay and all Bonus Features in Castle Builder II Video Slot are completely different from other traditional games. With that being said, that does not mean that you won’t find any classic symbols, as you will come across a traditional Wild Symbol as well. These can expand over the reels, substitute for other symbols, and complete winning combinations. With the Wilds, you can get your hands on some multiplied wins. Depending on which world you are in, the Wild Symbol can still hold the same feature.

The pink symbol is a Free Spins Symbol, if you land on the Free Spins Symbols in a winning combination, it will generate a load of Free Spins where the winning potentials will increase. As previously mentioned, you will be building your own castle structure for further winning combinations. 

Castle Builder II Payout

Castle Builder II Video Slot comes with 5 reels on 3 rows, with additional 15 paylines – and you have the chance of adjusting how many paylines that you wish to keep active per game round. The control panel has been held very subtle underneath the game field where you can set your bets and more.

The game holds an RTP of 97.75% with a high Volatility. 

Castle Builder II Graphics and Music

Most likely, your chin will drop to the floor as you start Castle Builder II, the theme, the design, and the graphics is simply phenomenal. The feeling that we are inside a console game or a cartoon movie, is striking. You will start on a more simple level where the goal is to renovate the castle with the help of the elements on the reels – and the more you win, the more you can build. The characters can even be promoted and upgraded as you play along.

The simple work of a mason can look very demanding, but this man is a hard worker and he is working his way up to the royalties with your help. Rabcat did not fail in anything – the graphics, designs, music, and high-quality animations are all well executed and makes sure that the game holds a standard of its own. 

Castle Builder II Conclusion

Castle Builder II is one of 2017´s most anticipated and longed for game – and Rabcat has truly made sure that you will be as stunned as you imagined. Rabcat has managed to grant you with a well-made, established, and high quality game with 3D animations and a magical theme. Throw away the builder clothes and build your way to the top along with the royalties, the builder woman, and the mason. On the top awaits not only fortunes, but you will also be able to move into a new castle and climb the carrier latter. Let yourself be awarded with interesting Free Spins and Bonuses!

We are certain that you will love this game as much as we do, and with that said – we only have one more thing to say – good luck! 

About the provider, Rabcat

Rabcat Gambling has been in the business since 2001 and has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The company is a parent company to Rabcat Computer graphics, making it a less surprise that they offer the most outstanding and clear graphics possible. Rabcat is already considered one of the leading creators of premium casino game applications for the international markets.

Rabcat's gambling department is designed first and foremost to succeed within the premium segment of international gambling productions. Their declared goal is to create the world's most exciting and innovative gambling applications. They deliver exactly what the market desires and what both the gambling operators and players need. They do this with passion, day in and day out.

They offer a wide range of games with everything from video slots, video poker, casino table games, and fun 3D games – all combined with fun themes and innovative designs and layouts.

Some of the other games by Rabcat are; Castle Builder, Forsaken Kingdom, Dragons Myth, and Legend of Olympus