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Dragons Inferno

Dragons Inferno Introduction

Dragon’s Inferno is a fantasy themed slot with wonderful graphics and animations. If you love dragons, castles and other mythical objects, then this is the perfect game for you! It is produced by Williams Interactive, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of WMS Industries that dates all the way back to 1943. 

Dragon’s Inferno is produced by Williams Interactive and is a 5-reel game with 30 fixed paylines. The game is packed with opportunities to get some spectacular triumphs like 10-40 additional free spins! 

Dragons Inferno Game Features

The minimum bet in Dragon’s Inferno is € 0.3 and the maximum bet is € 90.  

There is a wild symbol which looks like a treasure chest with a pile of gold, jewels and other riches. The wild symbol is wild for all symbols except the Feature symbol. The wild symbol appears on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5.  

There is a dragon symbol is also wild for all symbols except for the Feature symbol. The dragon symbol only appears on reel 3. When the dragon symbol is triggered, it changes other symbols on the reels so that you’ll get the best winning combination. This dragon symbol also triggers the replicating symbol feature in the game.  

The feature symbol has a huge, powerful dragon that is purple and pink with a fire blazing in the background. You won’t miss this symbol as it takes the most space on the reels and is aesthetically appealing!  

As for the rest of the symbols populating the reels, you’ll see several mystical objects like vials filled with potions, swords, a potion book, three character symbols, and a treasure chest full of gold and other riches. The lower value symbols are represented by playing card suits. 

Dragons Inferno Free Spins and bonuses

The Replicating Symbol Feature is when the dragon wild appears only on reel 3, but if you land it then you will trigger this extra feature. The dragon wild symbol will select a symbol at random and replace various symbols which is then re-evaluated for the best possible winning combinations.  Keep in mind that the wild and dragon wild also remain during the replicating symbol feature!  

The Free Spins Feature in Dragon’s Inferno is triggered by landing 3 or more scattered bonus symbols. You will then receive a number of free spins depending on how many scattered bonus symbols you land. 

  • five scattered bonus symbols awards 40 free spins 
  • four scattered bonus symbols awards 20 free spins 
  • three scattered bonus symbols awards 10 free spins  

There is something else that makes the free spin feature even more rewarding and that is that during free spins, all wins are doubled! Also, during the free spins feature, the replicating symbol feature can also be rewarded. The free spin feature ends when no free spins remain. 

Dragons Inferno Payouts

The lowest paying symbols are the orange heart and the purple club symbols, while the best-highest paying symbol is the treasure chest overflowing with riches.  

There are substantial chances to gain some great rewards in Dragon’s Inferno. Essentially, the wild symbols, scatters, the free spins feature and the replicating wild feature are how you benefit most from the game. In terms of the big wins, most of them will come in the Replicating Wild feature. If you trigger the feature within the free spins game a few times, you can really win some great prizes! 

Your total win depends on the number of lines and the stake per line. These two features define your total bet, which you can select with controls on the dashboard.

Dragons Inferno Graphics and Sound

The music is somewhat mysterious and has a fairy-tale feel to it. However, the music is somehow relaxing even if it might remind you of a princess locked away in a castle and a dragon protecting her. There are different sounds that are played throughout the game when you land on different paylines or features.  

The background of the game consists of cliffs that have lava dropping down like a lava waterfall into a stream of lava. The paytable in Dragon’s Inferno is easy to find by clicking on the question mark button at the bottom left corner next to a play symbol (which is the button that brings you to the autoplay option in the game). Here you can find information about the paylines and all the numerous symbols and features. 

Dragons Inferno Conclusion

All-in-all, Dragon’s Inferno is a fun, mythical slot game that along with its free spins feature, you have the chance to benefit from a massive amount of additional free spins! Not just 10 free spins, but up to 40 free spins, which is pretty amazing! 

Additionally, the animations and visuals of the different symbols make playing this game even more enjoyable! 

About the Provider

Williams Interactive is a wholly owned subsidiary of WMS Industries, which dates all the way back to 1943 where founder Harry Williams invented the Tilt mechanism for Pinball machines. 

Williams Interactive is one of the world’s biggest providers of online casino entertainment and one of the oldest in the business. During the years they have provided casino lovers with amazing titles like Zeus, the Wizard of Oz and Bruce Lee, and they keep producing fantastic games year after year. 

Their longevity and unique position Williams Interactive has in this business have led to a company with a strong social compass actively involved in supporting the efforts of social service organisations, schools and other non-profit organisations. This social awareness has set a brilliant example for other developers and keeps the organisation grounded and aware. 

As early as 2009 they started their “Green Initiative” where they make an effort to reduce their waste and energy consumption to be a company more in touch with the modern zeitgeist embracing local eco-sensitive projects with employees volunteering their time and efforts to projects in the markets where it operates. 

Some of the grand games by Williams Interactive are Raging Rhino, Montezuma and Zeus III.  

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