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Football 3x3

Football 3x3 introduction

Do you love football and prefer a colourful gaming environment with many winning opportunities? Let us then introduce Football 3x3 Video Slot from the British, 1X2gaming! Here you have no less than 9 gaming machines spinning almost simultaneously. Footballs and game jerseys in all imaginable colours are in image and creates a great mood for the subject. 

We proudly present; Football 3x3 by 1X2gaming!

Football 3x3 features

Football 3x3 is a unique Video Slot in the sense that you have a total of 9 smaller game fields on the screen at the same time. This also means that you have a lot of information ahead of you, but 1X2gaming has created a practical layout which makes sure that the layout doesn’t appear as messy or complicated. Each reel set has 3 rows and a line. These sets are all placed on a pattern with three lines across and vertical individual game fields, and it is also from this the game got its name from. You can choose how many you wish to keep active simply by clicking on them. When the symbols disappears and only leaves a green background means that reel set is in-active. You can keep everything between one and nine active at the same time. You can find 16 different symbols of variating values in the payout table and your goal is always to match 3 symbols as each reel set has one payline each. But don’t worry! Each mini machine holds only 8 of 16 symbols – which we will tell you all about shortly. 

The first thing you need to do before spinning the reels of this game is to place your bet via the control panel. 

Football 3x3 free spins and bonuses

In Football 3x3 Video Slot, the focus is mainly in the layout with 9 smaller reel sets that all comes with a simple payline, meaning 9 lines in total. There are no available Free Spins and Bonus Games, and in all honesty you don’t really need to as you already have 16 symbols to keep a lookout for. The point for 1X2gaming with the constellation seems to be to create an uncomplicated and simple gameplay. And speaking of the number of symbols – all symbols appearing doesn’t appear on all 9 paylines as that would mean that a winning match would be harder to achieve. Instead you have 8 of the 16 symbols on each reel sets. 

Football 3x3 payouts

So, to sum it up – nine game fields in image, each with three rows and a row, eight different symbol for each set. Easy, right? The cool thing with these game fields is that the above ones has somewhat a lower volatility where you land slightly lower wins fairly frequently, while the below reels pays higher wins a bit less frequent. Add the fact that you yourself choose which reel sets you wish to keep active as you play, and it becomes obvious in this game. So you might have realized that the game doesn’t offer Free Spins and Bonuses, instead offering you a whole lot of action!

On the above three reel sets, you will find the symbols which pays between 1x and 8x the bet. The middle row has prizes of between 1x and 30x (x1, x2, x3, x5, x10, x15, x20 and x30) and below rows can award you with up to 500 times the bet (x1, x2, x5, x10, x25, x50, x100 and x500). The game holds an RTP of 95%. 

Football 3x3 graphics and music

Football 3x3 has a clear and simple football theme with football jerseys, goals and balls on the many fields. Football is for sure the most popular sport in the world, and over 240 million people are regularly thrilled to feel the adrenaline only a great game can give.  Many millions of fans therefore fill the square and arenas as the audience comes to support its favourite themes. Did you know that the very first footballs were made of the bladder of a pig? Luckily a lot has happened since, and the rules around the measurements and qualities of the ball are significant as important games starts. The first world cup ball, Telstar, was made by Adidas in the 70´s and the combination of black and white ball in the green field made it easier for viewers on TV to follow the ball. In Football 3x3 Video Slot, the balls are blood-red, purple, blue and green. Even the match jerseys are in all imaginable colours, making the game a bright and joyful feel. 

About 1x2gaming

1X2gaming is a UK based company founded in 2003, this is where results count. It is often described as the ultimate gaming package in the online casino world. 1X2gaming has ever since their start developed innovative platforms and of course stunning games with a broad variety that will knock most competitors to the ground.

A product you can always count on. All of their games are audited and tested with the highest of standards. 1X2gaming also happens to be the inventor of virtual football betting. A proud independent company that offers a different perspective than the mainstream.

Their first flash-based Virtual Football gaming product release was in 2003 on Victor Chandler. Among their latest collection of releases are Euro 2016, Copa Liberatores, and Asian Champions League. In these last years, their portfolio went up to 85 Flash games and over 30 HTML5 games, with new additions constantly being added to their portfolio.

They’re mainly operating from their main office in the UK tech-hub of Brighton & Hove, known lovingly as Silicon Beach.