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Sugar N Spice Hummin

Sugar ´N´ Spice Hummin´ introduction

Let and the Australian game supplier, Ainsworth Game Technolgy show the path to a hidden, magical island of volcanos where shiny jewels and rewarding wins are hidden in the grand vegetation of the rainforest. Cautious leopards, curious frogs and chipper Colibri’s are the habitats of this jungle and intend to back you up all the way to the treasures.

Hummingbird is the real name of a Colibri, which are a race of sail birds – and have around 320 various species in America fore and most. Something unique about these little birds is that their ability to fly forwards as well as down, to the sides and (as the only birds who can) also backwards. The number of win strikes can go up to 80 per second, which is also why this chipper bird can also go on a full stand-still while in the air – hovering basically. These magical birds surely deserve some reckoning, which Ainsworth Game Technology has set out to do!

We are proud to present Sugar ´N´ Spice Hummin´ Video Slot!

Sugar ´N´ Spice Hummin´ features

In Sugar ´N´ Spice Hummin´ Video Slot you will meet these sweet little hummingbirds, as well as majestic nature filled with other wild animals and astoundingly pretty flowers. As Ainsworth Game Technology also creates real-life Slot machines, this is a game that also exists in land-based casinos and arcades. The layout of the game grid is made classically, offering 5 reels over 3 rows and 30 adjustable paylines. The winnings are formed by close-by symbols from left to right in play, apart from when it comes to the Scatter Symbol which pays in any position on the reels. The minimum bet is of € 0.3 with all paylines active, but you can certainly choose to bet higher than that too. 

The first thing to do before you start play, is to choose how many paylines you wish to keep active and you do this in steps of 5 – up to a total of 30. 

Sugar ´N´ Spice Hummin´ free spins and bonuses

Sugar ´N´ Spice Hummin´ is a game offering you Wilds, Scatter wins, and a cool Free Spins Feature with winnings as sweet as nectar. The Wild Symbol is of an elegant hummingbird which can substitute for all basic symbols to in its turn create winning combinations for you. This symbol does not grant any win in itself, but as it can substitute for all other symbols apart from the Scatter, there are still some delicious wins awaiting. 

The Scatter Symbol is a view of the magnificent mountains over the volcano, decorated in gold frames with rubies and vibrant coloured flowers. This is the highest value in the payout table and in fact grants the highest payout of all symbols in the game. This can also trigger the Free Spins Feature in which cases the mountains appear on the screen. Before your Free Spins starts, you are taken to a new screen with two big rolls. The first roll confirms how many reels will be covered in flowers while the duration of the Free Spins, while the other roll determines how many Free Spins you will be awarded. 

After the number of Free Spins (3, 5, 8 or 10), as well as flower-covered reels (1-4), are decided, your spins will start. Each time the reels stop spinning the symbols are turned into flowers or another of the most valuable symbols. This increases your chance of landing some rewarding matches richly!

Sugar ´N´ Spice Hummin´  payouts

As we previously mentioned, there are 30 adjustable paylines which can be changed in steps of five a time in the game. The amount being paid out to you depends on the value of the matching symbols in the payout table, as well as the bet you placed before starting to spin. Two or three matching symbols has to land to create a winning combination, but you are welcome to take a look at the payout table to see exactly what you are able to win. 

In the payout table, you will be able to see that the Scatter (volcano) grants the highest win in the game. of all the basic symbols, the shy cat-animal resembling a leopard will give you the highest payout. Two different kinds of colourful birds, frogs and chameleons grants medium-high payouts, while the classic card deck symbols (J, 10, 9, A and Q) gives a lower payout than the others. 

Sugar ´N´ Spice Hummin´ graphics and music

Sugar ´N´ Spice Hummin´ is a bright and vibrant Video Slot with a nice jungle theme. The game grid is placed in front of the tropical yellow and orange shades. A detailed pattern can be seen, which gradually goes over to a clear and sheer pink colour. The reels are made in deep purple and enhance the symbols in a clear and efficient way. As a winning combination lands, the symbols part of that win will be accumulated by moving closer in an image. 

About Ainsworth Game Technology

20 years ago, in 1995, Mr Leonard Ainsworth founded Ainsworth Game Technology Limited with a goal and commitment to one day become the leading supplier and manufacturer of gaming machines, software and related equipment. 

They are today world-renowned among players around the world, but this is also due to their big effort in superior quality, innovation and excellence. With distributors and sales offices in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and USA, they distribute a range of gaming products and technology. It is simple to say that Leonards Ainsworth Game Technologys´ wishes and dreams became reality and all goals were fulfilled. 

Ainsworth Game Technologys´ vision is to deliver the absolute best alternatives in Global Gaming Solutions. They strive to provide high quality and innovative gaming solutions worldwide and to secure sustainable profitability as well as growth for all stakeholders. Ainsworth has its headquarters in Newington, Sydney, Australia but also have other offices spread around the world, including the US and South America. 

Their many games can be found in various respected online casinos today and their games are famous for being both fun, exciting, and with a high entertainment value.